==Our future predictions:==

It is the last month of our master project. We have a great success. The project was a pure miracle. With our research we made a great concept and one great product.

Everybody had an important role in this.

Eliana thoroughly investigated all of the topics and she was our leader in “thinking”. Eventually all of her notes about our project turned into a book. Yes indeed, she wrote a book about our project and she published it. The objects that she invented were highly notable, and now she will participate in some important exhibitions throughout the world.

Viviana found a fine balance between art and science and her installation is a astonishing. It is educational, but it is made in a way that nobody from the scientific world could do it in that way. It is really something special, and useful. She will participate in some important exhibitions throughout the world with her instalation. She also gained many new skills that will be useful for her in the future.

Frido at the beginning was our visual researcher. He made documentary interviews about the objects, and made some fantastic photographs in which he was exploring the aesthetics, using unusual photographing angles, light, compositions and photoshop editing. But then he got completely into the whole matter and started designing his own digital house/apartment that is connected to the computer. It is – “AMAZING”!

Juan developed the concept of personalized machines. His ideas were innovative and ahead of our time. The final objects he build were visually very attractive and strong in philosophy behind them. With them, he will participate in some important exhibitions throughout the world. He also helped us to build a website for our project.

Stefan made some experiments with designing different objects for different purposes. He learned how to use some important programs for designing. At the end he made his own small cinema, or how he calls it “The immersive digital book”. The visitors of the master room enjoyed it very much. He was even selling popcorns in front of this cinema, and he made some good cash.

The final result of the research of the group is that we made one particular object that was ready for the market. We made a deal with a big company and make tons of money with selling that object. We also started our own company. We have a great final presentation and everybody from all of the universities really likes our final results. Maybe it is the best project of all projects for this year. The designs and results from the project are an important part of our portfolios and we easily found very good jobs.

==Some statements about Everyday Artifacts==

* We like artifacts that go with us and not things that we have to follow.

* We like living our lives everyday and using technology to be more present.

* We like nature in the way that we can feel we have the chance to be present.

* We like to feel alive and with a body.

* Artifacts and me, we both don´t like screens / … your comment!!!
* Artifacts and us, we don’t see screens as the ultimate result.

* We love physical movement and we love to discover things because we have tried them and not because we have the information.

* We love artifacts that make us feel relevant and not that make us feel we are obsolete human beings.

* We like to make that our actions and artifacts become meaningful.

* We like “user” creativity and not user usability.

* The best artifact is the one that helps you be present, that supplies significant experiences and not fast meaningless sensations. (Too much responsibility. If our plan is experimenting some of the stuff is going to be apparently meaningless)

* We are for sportive objects that invite you to move.

* We like artifacts that don´t reduce time, but make it meaningful.

* Anxiety is an error of machines that forget about time, anxiety is not our error.

* When you share with an object you share with a whole chain of people that are involved, therefore in a way this should be also a place for reciprocal communication.


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